Exchange vs HunTrade Terminal



Is There a Difference in Trading by Directly Entering the Stop-Loss in the Exchange?

Based on our analysis, there is a significant difference when you open a buy order and register the Stop-Loss directly in the exchange terminal. At that moment, you are revealing to the exchange at what point you are willing to incur a loss. Since markets are manipulated and exchanges use artificial intelligence, it is very likely that your Stop-Loss will be triggered, and then the price will rise again. On the other hand, if you use an external terminal like our Smart Trade Terminal, the exchange does not know the point at which you are willing to incur a loss. The Stop-Loss is only executed when the external terminal detects a Stop-Loss sale, and only at that moment does it send the sell order to the exchange.

For these reasons, we recommend trading from any external terminal connected to your exchange via API.

Important: Configure API access to only perform buy and sell operations in SPOT or FUTURES. Never enable withdrawals from the API generated in the exchange.

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