Frequently Asked Questions

The HunTrade is a company focused on providing data analytics with artificial intelligence and developing algorithmic for business intelligence, trading strategies, . It empowers you to execute your trading strategy 24/7 every day of the year, while also offering enhanced SmartTrades to make your manual trading even more profitable!

  • HunTrade Tradingview.
  • SmartTrade Terminal.
  • Tradingview Webhook.
  • Telegram notifications.
  • Optimized Indicators.
  • Support Live Chat.
  • HunTrade is an algorithmic strategy that offers you incredible entries and exits, maximizing your profits in trading.

    This strategy is designed by analytical mathematicians from the MSU Russia Center for Studies.

    Our strategy is constantly updating with the market trend.

    The access in Tradingview is included only in paid plans.

  • Better Discipline. With automated trading, also known as algorithmic trading, you can rest easy knowing your bot will be completely disciplined and stick to the desired trading plan.
  • Better Execution. A bot always follows directions. It won't take a buy when it should be taking a sell and it also won't enter the wrong order size or misplace a Stop Loss or Take Profit.
  • The HunTrade platform offer your amazing tools to make trades to new level.

  • Tradingview Webhook. You can connect HunTrade or other preferred strategy on Tradingview with the Binance Spot Exchange. Making your trade 100% automatic.
  • Increased control. A user can decide when they have achieved their desired profit, or when they think price momentum will continue in their favor.
  • Unlimited Trades. You make trade with unlimit number of crypto curriencies vs USDT with Binance Spot.
  • Traling Stop Lost. Chase the price to the best position and maximize your profits.
  • Binance Stop-Limit. This system create Stop-Limit orders direclty with Binance Spot. With this system you prevent the price from running at the time of sale.
  • History Trade. After of any finished trade, you can register important points of good and bad trades: timeframe, high timeframe, trends, etc.
    This trade history is used for feedback, improving your analysis every day.
  • Alerts. You will receive alerts for buy, sell, alerts if Binance Spot due to congestion of the exchange does not process a sale. All notifications would be on the platform and by telegram.
  • Every new user gets a free 5-day subscription to our Pro plan to test drive our trading tools.

    When your trial subscription expires, you'll be able to judge which of our plans is right for you! Otherwise, you'll be automatically transitioned on to our complimentary Free subscription plan!

    We recommend trading in time frames of 5 minutes vs. 15 minutes and 4 hours vs. 1 day. It is always recommended to review the trend in 1 day and 4 hours. The 1 day trend will define what profit you can expect. If you are in the direction of the trend you will have more option to earn more.

    Take Profit TP: You will take profit in the perceent only if ARM is with value cero.
    Trailing Stop Lost percentage: This determines how much % the price should drop to sell the asset automatically.
    Arm trailing stop-loss at percentage: The Trailing Stop Lost will be armed or activated once the price reaches this Arm percentage of the purchase price.
    Stop Lost at percent: specify the amount of loss at which you want to sell. We recommend a Stop Lost 0.5% to 5% maximum by position. And depent of the timeframe of your trade. If you need more recommends please ask in our Live Chat support.